About SportsCareers

SPORTS CAREERS was founded in 1988 as a career resource clearinghouse providing individuals and organizations with information, education, and opportunities for finding both employment and employees.

Stratford American Sports Corporation, owned and operated by sports executive Jerry Colangelo, purchased SPORTS CAREERS in 1990. The next seven years under Stratford’s ownership saw tremendous growth and market penetration. Over 2,000 corporate executives representing all aspects of the sports industry have presented in 18 national SPORTS CAREERS Conferences. Approximately 10,000 companies have used SPORTS CAREERS products and services to assist with their employment needs. Over 250,000 individuals utilized SPORTS CAREERS products and services to explore or further their careers in the sports industry.

In 1996, SPORTS CAREERS continued to be an effective tool for individuals and organizations for career management. Stratford realized that they did not have the resources to the next level and sold the company to Franklin Covey. The company continued to flourish by developing strategic partnerships with different sports segments including golf, college athletics, sports commissions, sporting goods manufacturers/retailers, and professional sports. SPORTS CAREERS was re-acquired by Mark Tudi, its original founder in 2005. During this time, the brand continued to be recognized as the undisputed leader in the sports career development space. In 2009, SPORTS CAREERS was acquired by a Phoenix, AZ based group of sports professionals who were committed to continuing to build the Sports Careers brand as the top career development and employment resource in the sports industry. Through strategic partnerships, unique content and continued development this goal will be achieved.