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Jamie Norman

Jamie Norman, Vice President of Ticket Sales

Dallas Stars


Wonder why some people fail and others succeed? Curious why certain individuals reach the top of a company’s organizational chart while others spin their wheels?

Talk to Jamie Norman about her career. She’ll give you insightful answers into these elusive questions.

First of all, Norman grew up playing all kinds of sports. She was an all-around athlete yet quickly admits, “I was never a superstar.” But she was definitely one thing: competitive. In fact, the will to out-perform the competition has never left her. It's a trait that has helped her climb the sports industry ladder. Here are three examples of her competitive nature aiding her career: Example One: After her freshman year at Northern Arizona University, she found an open spot on the track & field team and made sure she filled it. Big deal, you say? Hardly. It earned her a scholarship. Was she ever going to win a gold medal at the Olympics? No. But tuition and books were paid for, thank you very much.

Armed with a degree in business, she went to Denver and started promoting events. Example Two: She told her bosses she would drive up revenue. And did. “I learned a lot,” she says. “I had to promote everything from gymnastics to volleyball to fencing. You can imagine the different demographics.”

After moving to Milwaukee with her husband, she faced this reality: slim job prospects. Did that stop her? Did she give up on her dream of making it in the sports industry? Hardly. Example Three: She knocked on the Milwaukee Brewers’ door, refused to take no for an answer, and vigorously campaigned for a job. It worked. She joined the franchise’s sales team (essentially working for some guy named Bud Selig) and immediately impressed everyone.

Speaking of impressing, during her time in Milwaukee, Norman met Norm Green at a convention. Green was the owner of the Minnesota North Stars—a team heading for a new home in Texas. “I called the team in May of 1993. I had a job in June. Considering ...     Continue Reading About Jamie Norman

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