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Roger VanDerSnick

Roger VanDerSnick , Senior vice president, marketing and business operations

International Speedway Corp.


Spotlight: Roger VanDerSnick
It’s all in the experience for ISC’s VanDerSnick

Roger VanDerSnick has taken an unconventional path to his role with International Speedway Corp. Armed with an engineering degree, VanDerSnick began as an engineer with Procter & Gamble. After five years, he moved to program and project planning for the company, which exposed him to the commercial side of the business and eventually led to a career in marketing. He left P&G to help start NASCAR’s new brand and consumer marketing division, where he worked his way to vice president of marketing before heading to ISC in March 2006.

Age: 44
New title: Senior vice president, marketing and business operations, ISC
Previous job: Vice president and chief marketing officer, ISC
First job: Detasseling corn
Education: Bachelor of science, mechanical engineering, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (1985)
Resides: Lake Mary, Fla., with wife Karel and daughters Megan and Nicole
Grew up: Frankton, Ind.
Executive most admired: John Pepper, former chief executive officer and chairman, Procter & Gamble
Brand most admired: Corvette
Favorite vacation spot: The Caribbean
Last book read: “Shanks for Nothing” by Rick Reilly
Last movie seen: “Blood Diamond”

What is the biggest challenge in your new position?
To continue to improve the guest experience … all the way from the consideration process to the planning process to the purchasing process to the actual attending the event.

What is the biggest career risk you’ve taken?
I thought that I was a lifetime employee at Procter & Gamble. We had just built our dream home in Cincinnati and I said I would never leave. I turned down every other opportunity and wouldn’t even interview for another job.

What is your biggest professional accomplishment?
The opportunity to and successful completion of really almost restarting my career a couple times, moving from an engineering discipline to a pure marketing discipline and then really transitioning that into the sports landscape. So each time making that transition and continuing to be even more successful in the succeeding field.

What is your role with MRN Radio?
We are relocating to Charlotte and are going to expand our content acquisition process and then the development and distribution of that content across multiple areas.

What other projects are you working on?
We are really excited about Daytona Live. We recently announced that mixed-use retail/dining establishment that we are building right across from the speedway.

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