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Brian Monihan

Brian Monihan, Senior VP & General Manager

Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia


Spotlight: Brian Monihan

CSN Philly GM wants to be first, regardless of the platform

As the new senior vice president and general manager of Comcast SportsNet in Philadelphia, Brian Monihan will attempt to give what he deems the best sports fans in the country the best sports coverage by providing information through every outlet available.

Age: 48
New title: Senior vice president and general manager, Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia
Previous title: Vice president of advertising sales, Comcast Spectacor
First job: Delivering newspapers for the old Philadelphia Bulletin
Education: Bachelor’s in history and communications, Boston College (1983)
Resides: Moorestown, N.J.
Grew up: Philadelphia
Executive most admired: Brian Roberts, chairman and chief executive officer, Comcast
Brand most admired: McDonald’s
Favorite vacation spot: Outer Banks, N.C.
Last book read: “His Excellency: George Washington,” by Joseph Ellis
Last movie seen: “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”
Favorite movie: “The Shawshank Redemption”
Favorite musician/band: Bruce Springsteen
Little-known fact: Always hoped to one day play on the U.S. World Cup team

How has Comcast adapted to the new fan interactive technologies?

We have started through our news department to take advantage of utilizing Facebook and Twitter. We have tried to get updates out to the fans; let them know first where the breaking news is going to be. Whether it is on the digital platform or through cable, we need to be out there getting the information and getting it to them first.

How do you plan on extending your brand in a saturated marketplace or a marketplace already inundated with brands?

Mobile platforms. Last year we did an experience with LiveHive Systems where we had [free] online stats and information that interacted with the broadcast enhancing the viewer’s experience.

What is the biggest challenge in your new position?

Continuing to bring multiple sources to fans and viewers. They really are demanding that they need more information. It’s not just going to be what the anchors or the reporters are talking about. It’s what’s the back story or what’s the inside story. I think that we are uniquely positioned to do that because we work where they play. We are at the Wachovia Center, in and amongst all the teams. We are uniquely positioned, and that is what I need to take advantage of.

What is the biggest risk you’re taken in your career?

Leaving New York, where I worked for 10 years in the television sales market. I moved back to Philadelphia as a local sales manager. Instead of having the safety net of people I knew, I had to build all new relationships.

What is your biggest professional disappointment?

I am competitive and I like to win. I have never been able to break 100 on the golf course, but the good news is that I am really good at client golf.

What is one story you are continuing to watch in sports today?

The rights for the RSNs to use footage in alternate platforms. Right now there is a lot of discussion going on about who owns those rights and where is it going from here. It’s kind of like if we are broadcasting a game but we can’t use our own footage once it gets onto another platform. It’s like if you are wearing a suit and then you cross into another room, you’re not allowed to wear the suit anymore.

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