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Eric Krasnoo

Eric Krasnoo, Vice President

SUM Digital Network, Soccer United Marketing


‘Soccer guy’ Krasnoo looks to monetize SUM’s digital offerings

Eric Krasnoo joined Soccer United Marketing on Jan. 4 to lead the organization’s development of its first in-house digital business. He joined SUM after spending more than five years at CBS, where he most recently oversaw a 20-person team as the vice president of sponsorship sales. Before that he worked at Fox Sports Interactive. He spoke with staff writer Tripp Mickle.

Age: 47
New title: Vice president, SUM Digital Network, Soccer United Marketing
Previous title: Vice president, College Network
First job: ECAC Bushnell Network
College education: B.A., Wesleyan University; MBA, Cornell University
Resides: Westfield, N.J.
Grew up: Wayland, Mass.
Executive most admired: Dennis Robinson, CEO, New Jersey Sports & Exposition Authority
Brand most admired: Anheuser-Busch
Last book read: “Gang Leader for a Day,” by SudhirVenkatesh
Last movie seen: “Invictus”
Favorite movie: “The Shawshank Redemption”
Favorite musician/band: Stevie Wonder

How would you describe your new position?
First and foremost, it’s about monetizing our digital offerings. I have to put sales at the top. It’s about driving revenues. Secondarily, it’s about developing products and providing support for new business development and existing partners.

Why did you take the job?
I am a soccer guy. The growth of soccer and the growth of digital — you put the two together and you have a terrific story, never mind the fact that it’s a World Cup year. We’re going to as quickly as possible hire the best people we can to sell our sites. We’re hoping to relaunch our MLS and club sites in and around March 1.

How many people will you have to hire?
Right now there are two people in the group, and it’s going to be two to three additional hires. We’re going to have two sellers on the street day to day.

What are steps one through three for your first year?
Building a network with partners like MedioTiempo[.com] and the best sales team we can put together. We’re also … building products’ sponsor-branded opportunities. Our marketing sales team has been clamoring for that. Existing sponsors have never had a place to activate their offline partnerships. When we did this with CBS and its March Madness partners, you saw the migration of dollars.

What career advice do you have for people wanting into the sports industry?
I tell them to ask a lot of questions; two, learn how to write well; and, three, when they come in to interview with people, pick an area that they want to talk about in more specifics than sports. If you like marketing, talk about marketing of sports. If you like PR, talk about the PR side of sports. … Speak to your strengths within the sports industry.

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