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Eric Freeland

Eric Freeland, Vice President of Business Development



Freeland sticks with tickets in move from StubHub to Qcue

Eric Freeland recently joined Qcue, a three-year-old company specializing in dynamic ticket pricing that he thinks has a dynamic future. Freeland comes from StubHub, where his team was responsible for supporting sponsorships with pro sports teams and NCAA schools.

Age: 32
New title: Vice president of business development, Qcue
Previous title: Manager of business development, StubHub
First job: Tennis instructor
College education: B.S., organizational development, Vanderbilt (2000)
Resides: San Francisco
Grew up: St. Louis
Executive most admired: Steve Jobs
Brand most admired: Google
Favorite vacation spot: Thailand
Last book read: “The Art of Happiness: A Handbook for Living,” by the Dalai Lama and Howard Cutler
Last movie seen: “Avatar”
Favorite movie: “The Natural”
Favorite music genre: Bluegrass
Fantasy job outside of sports: National Geographic photographer

Break down the dynamic pricing that Qcue uses.
It’s the adjustment of ticket prices to ensure that prices accurately reflect the value of attending that event at all times.

The model was also developed for concerts and theater. Will Qcue seek to offer software outside of sports?
As of now, our clients are within the realm of sports. The model is scalable to multiple different genres, but as of now it is just sports.

What are your main initiatives as you begin this new position?
Becoming more fluent with the software itself. There is a very steep learning curve that I am excited about.

Your company has deals with the San Francisco Giants and Dallas Stars. Are there any new deals in the works?
We are in discussions with multiple teams in each of the major professional sports leagues and several NASCAR tracks. We’re expecting to have expanded our roster of partners to 20-25 by this time next year.

Qcue’s dynamic pricing allows teams and venues to adjust single-game ticket prices as late as the day of the game. Have you created a model for season-ticket sales?
No, to date we have not. … While season-ticket prices aren’t dynamic, we have helped our clients set package prices at the start of the season.

What is the biggest risk you’ve taken in your career?
Moving to Europe and teaching English.

What is the one element you would like to see changed about the sports industry?
Teams continuing to realize the importance of their fan base.

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