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Dave Smrek

Dave Smrek, Senior VP of Team & Venue Relations

Season Ticket Solutions


“What I look for when I am hiring someone, is someone who can demonstrate the passion”, said Dave Smrek, Senior Vice President of Team and Venue Relations for Season Tickets.

A graduate of the University of Colorado with a degree in marketing, Smrek said he did not have the foresight to see himself in the sports business as a child.

“I had worked with two separate organizations that both managed two teams. Kroenke Sports Enterprises in Denver ran the Nuggets and the Avalanche, while in Vancouver Orca Bay Sports and Entertainment handled the Grizzlies and the Canucks. I also worked with the Coyotes (in Phoenix), working across all applications within them, ticketing as well as sponsorship and general marketing.”

It was that experience that landed Dave where he is today. Season Tickets is a company that provides software solutions to teams and venues that will allow season ticket holders to exchange unused tickets via the internet. In addition, they have a management solution that will help season ticket and suite holders manage their seats, whether it be allocating tickets to employees or clients or just tracking their general usage.

The software solutions that Season Tickets provides are in use on several different web sites already. It is done by co-branding, which makes Season Tickets appear to be a part of the existing site. The solution is built using the teams’ basic web code and appearance, meanwhile being hosted on a completely different computer. To the general user, it appears seamless and one in the same.

Dave was recruited by Season Tickets based on recommendations they had received. “I worked extensively with teams along the way and more recently had been a partner in a sports creative agency,” said Smrek. “So it was kind of a good fit as far as someone who was working with teams from an external standpoint as well as internally.”

A general day at the office for Dave will consist of spending a lot of time on the phone and on the internet. “I talk with existing clients throughout the country, do a lot of prospecting, try to keep up with what is going on in the industry in general through various trade periodicals and have quite a bit of internal conference calls.”

Smrek works out of a satellite office in Scottsdale, Arizona. Season Tickets employees and offices are spread out across the US. “We have staff spread out throughout the country and we all deal with each other primarily through the phone as well as a lot of email too.”

So what does it take to “Work in Sports”? Dave says, “basic things like intelligence and work ethic, but someone who can bring a lot of passion to the table when they are sitting down for an interview, and really show that they are willing to do whatever it takes to be successful in the sports industry. That is the winning formula for me.”

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