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Bill Forrest

Bill Forrest, President

Corporate Golf Outings


The last thing Bill Forrest saw himself as when growing up was a golf professional. The Canadian native was in his late teens before the thought even crossed his mind.

After starting as a golf caddy at a private country club, Forrest received a golf scholarship before turning professional in 1976. “I went to a University in Canada, University in France and for a short period of time, I attended LSU (Louisiana State University),” said Forrest.

Corporate Golf Outings was designed by Forrest to aid people or companies that are planning a successful tournament or outing. “The way I describe my work, if you already have an existing golf tournament or golf day, my company can enhance that day,” said Bill. “I can add all the bells and whistles to it from bringing in speakers and instructors to having elaborate tee gifts, to making it just like a PGA tour event.”

If you have not already scheduled your event, Corporate Golf Outings can still help. “If you don’t have anything, or your company doesn’t have anything organized as far as golf goes, we can create programs that suit the needs of the customers with regards to size, content, cost, duration and that sort of thing.”

Forrest spent 13 years as the Director of Instruction at the TPC in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is also the founder of Golf and Sons, described on his web site as a company that incorporates the latest research in psychology and coaching, fitness, nutrition and golf instruction to become a better coach, supporter and golfer. Meanwhile, the young golfer learns to better their game while spending quality time with their parents.

As a PGA Director of Instruction, Bill has 24 years of golf teaching experience in 29 countries and has taught more than 100,000 students in that time. Besides being named the Southwest Section PGA Teacher of the Year in 1992, 1995 and 1996, Bill also won the SWSPGAs Horton Smith Trophy award twice and has been named to Golf Digests "Top 100 Teachers" list.

In his playing career as a golf professional, Bill played on the Canadian Tour, the Asian Tour, and had four PGA Tour starts. He never won a major tournament, but did win a one-day event on a Canadian Tour.

If you are planning to ‘Work In Sports’, Bill says there are a lot of different ways you can work in the field of golf without becoming a professional. “You can market golf products, you can work in golf travel, you can be a teacher, or you can work as a golf course administrator.”

If none of those ideas strike a chord, there are other ways as well. “You can work in golf course design, golf course architecture, or golf course meetings. There is a lot of ways you can work in the sport without going through the rigors of becoming a member of the PGA of America.”

The key to success for Bill Forrest has been his dedication to his work. It shows in the amount of accolades he has earned over his career as well as the number of people who have followed his instruction.

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