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Garry Gupton

Garry Gupton, Sports Director



For Garry Gupton, there is no off-season.

The life of a television sports anchor has its peaks and valleys. But unlike many executives who “Work In Sports”, Gupton’s season runs year round.

As Sports Director for WHAS-TV, the ABC affiliate in Louisville, Ky., Gupton spends his time covering horse racing, college basketball and a myriad of high school sports. Sometimes, he can report on all of these events in one day.

For Gupton, a positive attitude, comfortable shoes and a understanding wife is all he needs to survive the long days that sometimes take him from a 5:30 a.m. trackside interview at Churchill Downs all the way up to the 11:00 p.m. newscast. However, Gupton wouldn’t have it any other way.

"I am very blessed."

Thats how Garry Gupton describes his job. Not many people can say, but for Gupton, it’s his love of sports and hometown appeal that make his job the stuff that dreams are made of.

Gupton grew-up in nearby Campbellsville, Kentucky watching WHAS-TV and has been the sports director since 1994.

"Even if I was doing something else for a living, Id be keeping up with the University of Louisville, Kentucky and Indiana sports. Now, I actually get paid to go to the games!"

While getting paid to go to the games of his favorite teams is obviously one of the perks of the job, the road from Campbellsville to Louisville was longer than a simple hop on the interstate.

As a student at Western Kentucky University, Gupton held several radio jobs to help pay his way through college. Little did he know that he was discovering his future profession.

After college, his television career began in Campbellsville. Along the way, like so many television reporters, he paid his dues at television stations in Charleston, South Carolina, Jacksonville, Florida and Nashville, Tennessee. Covering sports ranging from golf tournaments to college bowl games, Gupton perfected his skills and learned on the job what it would take to come back to his old Kentucky home.

In 1994, when there was an opening at WHAS-TV, Gupton applied for the job and some 10 years later, he arrived back where it all began for him.

Since returning to Kentucky, Gupton had the advantage of experience as a sports reporter and a keen understanding of the Kentucky sports scene. Gupton has been honored for his sports casting by several groups including The Associated Press, Best of Louisville Magazine, and the National Thoroughbred Racing Association.

His story is not uncommon in the TV world. Most television reporters travel to small and mid-size markets before reaching larger markets like Louisville or Chicago.

This is what makes Gupton’s story so unique. Not only is he living his dream job, but he’s doing in the state that he calls home.

When Gupton is away from work, he and his wife Terrie (herself a native of Albany, Kentucky) spend time with their three children. Garry is also an avid golfer and can be found on the golf course or at Louisville’s Walnut Street Baptist Church, where his family is active in the Sunday school program.

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