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Corey MacIntyre

Corey MacIntyre, General Manager

Tulsa Oilers


After completing his first full season as the General Manager of the Tulsa Oilers in the Central Hockey League, Corey MacIntyre was named CHL’s Executive of the Year. “It is a great honor to win such an award,” says MacIntyre, adding “from what I understand of the award, it is voted on by the CHL office staff and to be honest with you, I did not even know I was up for it.”

The team’s owner had known for three weeks that Corey won the award, and managed to keep it under wraps until the CHL announced it. He is quick to compliment his supporting staff. “Winning an individual award like that when you are involved with a team sport is a reflection of the people you surround yourself with, and here in Tulsa, we are very fortunate to have a great staff. For me, winning the award is a reflection of the job our staff did throughout the hockey season.”

MacIntyre spent his playing days down the road in Oklahoma City which he says is “kind of strange.” His former team and his new team are very fierce competitors. “Tulsa and Oklahoma City have one of the biggest rivalries in our league. During my playing days, the USA Today did an article on the rivalry and said it was one of the biggest in all of sports.”

Corey must have done some damage to the Oilers during his playing days as he is the Oklahoma City Blazers seventh all-time leading scorer. “I played just down the road so it was kind of weird when I came up here because of the huge rivalry between the two teams, but it didn’t take me long to adjust.” He also worked in the Blazers’ front office for four years prior to joining Tulsa.

As many boys in Canada do, MacIntyre had aspirations to make it to the NHL some day. After realizing that was a long-shot, during his college playing days, he thought he wanted to be a coach. Knowing he was headed to Oklahoma City, the athletic director at his college, Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, advised him that he should volunteer his time in case he decided not to play.

“Brad Lund, the GM of Oklahoma City at the time, gave me that opportunity. What I did was work in the front office for two of the four years that I played there. I would go into the office on days that we didn’t have a game just to get some experience.”

Like many others in sports, he started in sales. “I started off in sales and gradually worked my way to having more responsibility. When I finished my playing days in Oklahoma City, I became the assistant general manager there and held that post for about a year and a half.”

When asked what advice he has for those looking to ‘Work in Sports’, MacIntyre simply says he gives the same advice he was given. “Volunteer your time because experience is everything. When you apply for jobs these days, people want experience and education.”

He also says that that combination is not necessarily an easy one to find. “It is unfortunate for people that are young who have the education but no experience.” The opposite is true for some people that are older. “Some people have the experience but not the education. If you can, take advantage of the opportunity to volunteer your time with an organization, that experience will be of great value in future endeavors.”

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